December 3, 2020

Here are the key points to take away about California ski resort operations this winter:

  • California ski resorts can remain open.
  • The new California Outdoor Recreation guidance is implemented for the season, barring any changes. With today’s stay at home order, our resorts can continue to operate per the Governor’s office.
  • Ski California resorts are already implementing the guidance established by the State of California Department of Public Health released December 1, 2020 for campgrounds, RV parks, ski operators and other outdoor recreation.

Skiing is one of the lowest risk outdoor activities people can do. All of our resorts have been diligently working since March to ensure their operations can adhere to ever changing public health and safety requirements. We also know that based on what happened during the last statewide stay at home order, people will still come to the mountain communities where our resorts operate. Our resorts offer organized outdoor recreation rather than people congregating in closer proximity at sled hills and venturing into uncontrolled, unpatrolled backcountry areas, putting themselves and first responders in potentially dangerous, avalanche prone situations. We’re doing our very best to enforce new rules and policies, but we need skiers and riders to follow them. Mask up, physically distance, and respect everyone. That’s how we’ll stay open all season.” — Michael Reitzell, Ski California president


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About Ski California

Ski California® (aka California Ski Industry Association®) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association representing 32 ski resorts in California and Nevada. For 50 years, Ski California has developed and maintained strong relationships with government officials, tourism groups, media, and ski industry leaders to advocate key industry related initiatives, including environmental stewardship, mountain safety, technical training, and public relations. Ski California monitors existing and proposed legislation to ensure that national and state legislators hear and consider the industry perspective on issues affecting mountain communities and businesses. Ski California researches, analyzes, and pursues safety while preserving the integrity of mountain sports and the natural environment in which they are enjoyed by millions each year. Learn more at