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Ski California monitors existing and proposed legislation to ensure that national and state legislators hear and consider the industry perspective on issues affecting mountain communities and businesses. Ski California researches, analyzes, and pursues safety while preserving the integrity of mountain sports and the natural environment in which they are enjoyed by millions each year.


Ski California® began on December 31, 1969, as the Sierra Ski Areas Association. The original purpose of the association was to create a unified voice for the ski industry in California to address issues that affected the industry as a whole. In 1992, the Sierra Ski Areas Association changed its name to the California Ski Industry Association® (CSIA) and remained with that name through 2015. In 2016, CSIA continued its operations under the brand Ski California®.

Ski California has a Board of Directors consisting of representation from each member ski resort in California and Nevada. Since 1969, the Board has guided the organization through many challenges and worked together to ensure the progress and success of the ski industry.

Mike Reitzell is the President of Ski California, having succeeded Bob Roberts in July 2015. Bob was the original leader of CSIA and held his post for 40 years before his retirement. Prior to joining Ski California, Mike served as an attorney for 14 years in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, representing many ski resorts in California and Nevada in litigation and risk management. An avid skier since age five, Mike grew up with skiing, captained his ski team to two Southern California Collegiate Ski Conference championships at USC, and teamed his law degree with his passion for skiing. Mike is honored to dedicate his career to support the ski industry.