Auburn Ski Club is one of the top racing and training venues in the Western US located in Soda Springs, CA.


0 sq. ft. building with locker rooms, gathering/seating areas, kitchen, offices, meeting room, large sun deck, restrooms/showers
0 Alpine/Snowboard competition and training arena at adjacent Boreal Mtn. Resort
0 km cross-country trail system
0 Nordic Ski Competition venue
0 point Biathlon Range
0 sq. ft. Multipurpose building
0 car parking lot & Ski waxing room


0 Miles of Trail System

The Auburn Ski Club Training Center is a non-profit winter sports facility dedicated to the lifelong enjoyment of winter sports for families and athletes from the greater Foothill region, across Northern California and beyond. Programs and cross-country ski trails are open to everyone. ASCTC is one of the few combined Alpine, Nordic, Biathlon and Snowboard training centers in the country. On winter weekends the center is alive with excited groups of Alpine, Snowboard, Nordic and Biathlon kids heading off for a day of skiing while rubbing shoulders with nationally ranked athletes and Olympians.

Castle Peak Exit I-80
PO Box 829
Soda Springs CA 95728

(530) 426-3313

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